Hello Steemian back with me again .This time I am back again reviewing a game that war genre, maybe from some friends who often read the article I already know if I often review the action game game, but this time the game titled Point Blank Strike maybe this game in the version of the game is very fun for everyone so may already be familiar when this game is released in its mobile version
this game is very popular in iOS may be friends all have been there who download in appstore gadget favorite friend all friends, so we just review his game\
Speaking of game point blank we all must have been familiar with one of the games that have spread across the region in Indonesia because everyone plays his parents from teenagers even children play this game as if this game is not know all ages anymore even they were willing to play for hours in internet cafes but not a few also play at home with personal computer, but this time we do not discuss Point Blank PC but we discuss Point Blank Strike mobile version
In the start menu we will see some menus like clans, daily missions, achievements, fixtures and stores.
graphic of this game I think it is great maybe because the graphics of this game is almost like the point blank graphics on the PC let alone we see in terms of detail is very amazing but for smartphones friends who do not have the picture quality HD I think remains ordinary images are generated

Here friends can see there are two choices of TEAM PB and 909th SMB
my friends can upgrade it so friends can play it, here I have updated the TEAM PB may be able to add armor, headshot, and other accuracy because if we do not update it we will lose when berjuma with other players especially if other players have updated everything and already max, ready ready aja deh make friends all auto lose, if any win may be due to network disruption

In the daily mission menu kia can choose all kinds of arena and also various interesting rewards that we will get but friends all do not think just reward it that friends get exp and various weapons can also friends get all

In this menu is all kinds of weapons that we have and we can mengupgrad or even combine fellow weapons, the use of combining weapons is necessary because the level of weapons increases in any thing especially if we can get five stars in my opinion the weapon with five stars is the imitation of all players here because the weapon was the beginning it already has a fairly large damage especially if we upgrade it I think the weapon is getting stronger and more evil when we play
Store feature is one of the most important things in a game, after the graphics of course. There may be a slight difference between Point Blank PC version and Point Blank Strike. Even free-to-play games and available mall items but at Point Blank Strike can be a pay-to-win game.
Why? Because the weapon system is divided into 6 levels and can be upgraded according to the Supply that you can buy in the Store. For example when you and other players have MP5K Ext weapons but have another player could have greater damage because in an upgrade with Supply from Store.

But here we can get free chests every day like basic supply chests and common supply chests but we can not get them every time there is a period of time so we can get it like a basic supply chest has a period of 30 minutes and we can get six times in one day while the general supply chests can only be collected once a day, but in both cases they have different weapons and different types and different stars
When we play we feel like playing point blank PC version but actually I feel here is not like in PC games because here we are very difficult to control this game because the control of this game is not like control game moba I think this is what makes us very difficult to play especially for someone who never play games with controlled way like moba maybe they will trouble but over time we will get used to own so in my opinion not so problem but do not know what others opinion like what because everyone have their respective appraisal

If u don't understand how to download watch this. (Kalo gak ngerti cara download nya nonton ini dulu) 👇👇👇